Kingfisher Golf Club, Inc.

March 23, 2014

Dear Member,

Thank you for your membership in the Kingfisher Golf Club. We hope you like the condition and affordability of your course. We are constantly trying to make improvements that will make you proud. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact any of our board members listed below. We will be glad to listen to your concerns.

In order to operate the course effectively, the course needs to have monies in a timely manner. Membership dues, cart stall/trail fees will be due in full on or before May 1, 2014. If you have already paid your membership, thank you.

The breakdown of dues is as follows:

Membership $450
Second Member $110
Each Additional Member $30
New Member Fee $50
Cart Stall/Trail Fee $140
Locker (See Gary for Details) $85

** Sales tax will be added to total dues.
If you would like to mail your payment, please call Gary at 375-3941, for exact amount to include tax.

Members that currently have a cart stall and do not pay all of their dues on or before May 1st, will forfeit stall to the next person on the waiting list. Members who have paid in full and are on the cart stall waiting list will be able to take possession of the forfeited stalls on Thursday May 2, 2014.

Thanks again for your membership,

Kingfisher Golf Club, Inc.

Board of Directors:

  • President – Bill Loyall
  • Vice President – Ron Townsend
  • Secretary – Derrick Wolf
  • Treasurer – Mike Brooks
  • Members – Keith Campbell, Quinton Cline, Bob Bollenbach, Reggie Redwine and Kent Weems
  • Club Manager – Gary Wilson